Cheap Non-Stop Flights from Milan to Miami for only 278€ round trip with Air Italy!

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Air Italy opening low prices from Italy to the United States.

If you haven’t yet heard of Air Italy that’s no problem. But you should have because they are now selling very cheap non-stop flights from Milan, Italy to Miami, United States. You can catch a round trip ticket from only 278 Euro’s! Crazy.
Prices like this won’t be there much longer so better hurry. Also works in reverse. Just follow the steps below.


Travel dates:

Only limited dates in September and October 2018 are available for less than 300 Euros round trip. Vice versa prices start at 389$.
No need to list all the dates. On the Air Italy website you will find a low fare calender if you select “Skip monthly view” in the top right coner of the website.


All fares allow a piece of hand baggage and the meal services. However the lowest booking class does not include checked luggage. If you wish to add luggage the price will be slightly higher at about 368 Euros round trip.

Where to book:

Of course you can buy your ticket on the Air Italy website directly but you can save even more money. Click the following link and let Momondo finish the search to get the best prices on the internet! Book here (click)

As you can see here Momondo found a better price for the same flights.

About Air Italy:

Want to see how Air Italy is like? I already had the chance to try the new Airbus A330 on a crew training flight between Rome and Milan. You can CLICK HERE to learn more about the airline and their cabin.

Air Italy A330 Economy Class Seat



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